Do you know that now you can use your PS gaming console in the most convenient way by just following few key tricks? Yes the PSN games tricks actually let you use your phone as your keyboard thus moving while playing the game is no more a problem! They also enable you to pre load the games much ahead of their release date just by changing few key settings. To know more you must have to continue reading this piece of information entirely that not only allows you to master the key PSN tricks but also enables you to know about the code psn gratuit ps4 and also about the best generateur de code psn that enables you to play all your PSN games for free with unlimited gaming access!

Do these tricks work in my console?

Does the PSN tricks can be used on a PS Vita? Are the code generators compatible with PS or PS 4? Yes they are! Here we offer some common PSN tricks that every player must try because they can be used on a PS network and all of the consoles available in this range irrespective of their configuration and model.

  • Phone as keyboard – Mastering the controls you get on your regular PS console’s keyboard are really important for a trouble-free gaming. Most of the players just cannot play independently with bigger keyboards when they love to enjoy their games from a couch that is far away from the console. To make your phone as your keyboard connect the PS app available on iOS and Android and now click on the keyboard symbol at the top of your screen to enable mobile-keyboard option.

  • Remembering key controller – For any PS player, remember the controllers is a nightmare as it is really difficult to remember which light is for which user. This is a simple process to remember. Know always there are four lights that blink regularly and from top clockwise they represent the player. For example, the blue light is for the player 1 and for red for player 2.

  • Pre-Load the Games – While loading games itself is difficult how does pre load possible? If you have this doubt then just try out this master trick for pre loading the games much prior to their release. Not all games can be pre-loaded ahead of their release date but at least a day before the release you can pre load them. Simply go to your network settings in the console and set your location as Qatar. The players from Qatar are given access to get the game first. Also go to the game settings in your console and enable pre laod game option so that the pre loading of a new game starts instantly.

The above mentioned are just top most among the PSN tricks available online. However there are more tips and tricks available online that you can enjoy by reading online and researching about the PSN game tricks. There are also code generators for every PS console available online. You can download them for free and run instantly in your computer to get unlimited access to all PSN games for free.